AW Chang Corporation is a menswear vertical company with over 30+ years of experience. With global offices all over the world, we have development a strong and controlled supply-chain to provide creative solutions for today’s retail challenges. From initial concept to floor setup, our dynamic services include fashion merchandising, production planning, design, sales and marketing.

Our Story

AW Chang Corporation was co-founded by brothers – Abraham & William Chang – in Los Angeles, California, as a boutique silk manufacturer for neckwear and formal accessories. Today, the company is a fully vertical menswear manufacturer with global offices – overseeing development from design conceptualization to point-of-sale distribution.

AW Chang developed a strong and controlled supply-chain to deliver products faster. As experts in fabrics and design, the company is constantly investing and innovating its digital print technology to transform its product development and design capabilities.

Representing 80-90% of fabric development, AW Chang built a stock program of core fabrics to reduce production time by 60 days. With shorter lead times, they are able to provide a quick turnaround of products from design to store delivery.

With offices worldwide and growing brand portfolio, the company continues to innovate and transform with the ever-changing retail landscape.



With over 30+ years of experience, AW Chang Corporation continues to re-invent itself as a menswear company.


AWC was founded in Los Angeles with focus on weaving silk for neckwear and scarves.


AWC established subsidiary, XK Corporation, and opened its first silk printing mill in Pochon, Korea.


AWC expanded into necktie manufacturing, opening its first facility in Seoul, Korea. Simultaneously, the company achieved exclusivity by Jansen dealership throughout Asia for assimilated, hand-stitching machinery.


AWC continued to grow by opening its New York office and showroom, expanding further its neckwear manufacturing facility in Seoul, and acquiring the 60-year-old, Los Angeles-based, Castle Neckwear.


AWC hosted the grand opening of its neckwear manufacturing facility, Weihai XingBao Textile Co. Ltd, in Weihai City, Shangdong Province, China. Within the same year, XK Corporation re-located into new offices in the financial district of Seoul, Korea.


AWC opened XTS silk weaving, twisting, spinning and dying operation in Ponchon, Korea.


AWC established the wholesale division, Cobb Salad Design, acquiring the menswear licenses for Guy Buffet and Nicole Miller.


AWC streamlined its growth trajectory through the consolidation of mills and opened the new facility of XingJin Printing & Dyeing Corporation, in Rushan City, Shangdong Province, China.


AWC established a formalwear accessories division with dedicated manufacturing facility.


Weihai XingBao Textile Co. Ltd expanded its facility for dress shirt manufacturing.


AWC acquired Beverly Hills Polo Club and Haspel dress furnishings licenses.


AWC entered into partnership with menswear designer Jhane Barnes, to produce and market sportswear and dress furnishings collections.


AWC acquired the trademark rights of the Michelsons of London name for North America.


AWC established a new division, Calabrum Limited, for sales and distribution within the United Kingdom.


AWC entered into partnership with contemporary men’s sportswear brand W.R.K to produce and distribute product offerings for the lifestyle brand.


AWC launched Calabrum dress furnishings collection.


AWC introduced the newest menswear label, Con.Struct.


AWC expanded its brand portfolio with the launch of Society of Threads for dress shirts and sportswear, and Brooklyn Brigade as an innovative, digitally-print focused sportswear collection.


AWC opened Vina X1 Garment Textile Company and Vina X2 Garment Textile Company as new manufacturing facilities in Ba Dinh District and Quynh Phu District respectively in Thai Binh Province, Vietnam.


AWC successfully launched its first Tallia collection in spring, after acquiring the sportswear and dress furnishings license from Peerless Clothing International in 2018.


AWC completed the installation of 1,550 solar panels at its fabric mill in Weihai, China.


CON.STRUCT launched its sustainably made golf/lifestyle collection at the 2023 PGA Show.


AWC signed a license agreement with the National Hockey League (NHL) to launch a new apparel collection under the brand label of FE.


As a vertical company, we have established a global network for a strong and controlled supply chain. Our agile nature provides us greater flexibility to generate personalized solutions for our retail partners. We deliver high-quality products at lower minimums with ability to provide faster fill-ins and chase best sellers.

NEW YORK CITY, USA – Oversees the design, merchandising, production, sales & marketing within North America.

LOS ANGELES, USA – Manages logistics & distribution within North America for high volume wholesale, dropship & e-commerce orders.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Oversees the financing, sourcing of material & sales within Asia.

LONDON, UK – Oversees the sales & distribution within Europe with curated products tailored to the European market.

RUSHAN CITY, CHINA – Manages fabric development and garment production, specializing in digital printing. With state-of-the-art machinery, our fabric development specialists are experts – dyeing, weaving and printing.

WEIHAI CITY, CHINA – Manages cut & sew production offering the high quality products. With dedicated sourcing and export teams, products are shipped cost efficiently and floor-ready for retail.

VIETNAM – Manages cut & sew production specializing in mass-production for high volume orders.


AW Chang Corporation remains committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing. As a global vertical manufacturer, we strive to incorporate cleaner technology in our processes for a better supply chain model.

Wrap certified

Since 2018, our cut–and–sew factories have held a Gold certification from the Worldwide Responsible Accreditation Production agency. Gold is the standard WRAP certification level, awarded to facilities that demonstrate full compliance with accepted international workplace standards, local laws and workplace regulations – following WRAP’s 12 Principles.

Solar Powered

Effective in 2022, our fabric mill is now powered by a hybrid energy system consisting of 1,550 solar panels. Located in Weihai, a coastal city known for its blue skies and low cloud coverage, these newly installed solar panels harness the sun’s energy and fully power our mill when the sun is shining.

The 16-row field infrastructure is designed to capture maximum sunlight to harness into an energy source. With power shortages faced throughout China, this hybrid system provides a clean and reliable energy source for the mill to operate.

The energy sourced from our solar panel fields will lead to annual green effects for a positive impact on the environment. We are extremely proud to provide our customers and partners with products that do not compromise our planet.


As the industry leaders of today, we must create opportunities for a better community. AW Chang Corporation is proud to support a diverse group of organizations that are champions for change. We continue to connect with organizations that share common missions that contribute to building a better community – Learn More.

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