As a vertical company, we have established a global network for a strong and controlled supply chain. Our agile nature provides us greater flexibility to generate personalized solutions for our retail partners. We deliver high-quality products at lower minimums with ability to provide faster fill-ins and chase best sellers.

NEW YORK CITY, USA – Oversees the design, merchandising, production, sales & marketing within North America.

LOS ANGELES, USA – Manages logistics & distribution within North America for high volume wholesale, dropship & e-commerce orders.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Oversees the financing, sourcing of material & sales within Asia.

LONDON, UK – Oversees the sales & distribution within Europe with curated products tailored to the European market.

RUSHAN CITY, CHINA – Manages fabric development and garment production, specializing in digital printing. With state-of-the-art machinery, our fabric development specialists are experts – dyeing, weaving and printing.

WEIHAI CITY, CHINA – Manages cut & sew production offering the high quality products. With dedicated sourcing and export teams, products are shipped cost efficiently and floor-ready for retail.

VIETNAM – Manages cut & sew production specializing in mass-production for high volume orders.

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