AW Chang Corporation designs custom suit linings for HBCU football team

September 08 2021

Recently, AW Chang Corporation was tasked with creating custom linings for a school football team’s game-day suits. The task was completed in just 4 days!

NFL star and head football coach at Jackson State University, Deion Sanders, wanted his players to be fabulously dressed for their first game day and he knew his friend, Michael Strahan, could help. The TV personality and former pro-footballer, who is a longtime partner of Men’s Wearhouse, was able to loop in the menswear chain to develop the designs. Men’s Wearhouse subsequently contacted AW Chang Corporation’s manufacturing team to help.

AW Chang Corporation designed these customized linings featuring the Jackson State University logo. It’s safe to say the staff and team were very pleased.

Jackson State University players showing off custom suit linings designed by AW Chang Corporation. By Ahmon Lott.

When the team arrived at their first game with the suits on, they “exuded the bravado famously ascribed to their coach.” Both Sanders and Strahan noted that these suits are so important for HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) where sports programs are often underappreciated and underfunded. Jackson State’s new suits even led to other schools inquiring about suits of their own.

AW Chang Corporation is a vertical company for men’s apparel and accessories. Our dynamic services include fashion merchandising, production planning and design.

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