AW Chang Corporation Solar Powered

April 27 2022

AW Chang Corporation remains committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing. As a global vertical manufacturer, we strive to incorporate cleaner technology in our processes for a better supply chain model. Our latest investment is in new solar panel fields at our fabric mill in China.

Effective in 2022, our fabric mill is now powered by a hybrid energy system consisting of 1,550 solar panels. Located in Weihai, a coastal city known for its blue skies and low cloud coverage, these newly installed solar panels harness the sun’s energy and fully power our mill when the sun is shining. The 16-row field infrastructure is designed to capture maximum sunlight to harness into an energy source. With power shortages faced throughout China, this hybrid system provides a clean and reliable energy source for the mill to operate.

The energy sourced from our solar panel fields will lead to annual green effects for a positive impact on the environment. We are extremely proud to provide our customers and partners with products that do not compromise our planet.


Sustainability at AW Chang: Creating a better future for all

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