W.R.K – Work, Rest, Karma – was founded by CFDA member, Matteo Gottardi, in 2011. Function and mobility are at the core of W.R.K’s operation with its philosophy of purposeful design – bridging functionality with aesthetics where neither aspect is compromised but rather, both work together. Each collection is designed to be multi-purpose, comfortable, and compatible for men to thrive in work and life.



Performance dress shirts

Introducing the new 4-way stretch, performance dress shirt by W.R.K. Designed for comfort, this slim fit dress shirt is made from a lightweight activewear fabric featuring moisture wicking, anti-microbial and non-iron properties.


Reworked shirts

The Reworked Shirt is the new way to wear a slim fit shirt. It is modernly designed to perfectly match the woven front to the knit sleeve and back body construction. Resulting in an optimal fit and the comfort of your favorite t-shirt in the form of a long sleeve shirt.


Brooklyn Brigade is an expression of individualism & creativity. With its effervescent neighborhoods, artistic energy, and affinity for change, Brooklyn serves as the inspiration for a label that unites tradition and innovation.

A tribute to the most iconic styles transcending generations – mixing vintage and utilitarian details with modern performance fabrics and finishes.



Enhanced Finish

Brooklyn Brigade products are designed with a variety of stretch fabrics, enhanced with wrinkle-free, quick-dry wicking, and anti-microbial properties.

We partnered with Intellifresh™, a freshness & odor protection fabric treatment against odor-causing bacteria. Certified by bluesign®, OEKO-TEX® & ZDHC for sustainable manufacturing and skin safety. Intellifresh™ technology means more wears between launderings to save energy, water and time.


Recycled Fabrics

Brooklyn Brigade’s popular cool-tech dress shirts are made from a four-way stretch fabric composing of a polyester and spandex blend.

Re-launching fall 2022, this lightweight shirt will be made from 86-90% recycled polyester. Reduces soil contamination, water pollution, energy use and generates fewer CO2 emissions.

Added comfort, without comprising the planet.


CON.STRUCT is defined as an idea or theory containing various conceptual elements. The brand is an ode to iconic and timeless staples, shifting traditional patterns and colors of preppy fashion into a modern and playful reinterpretation.



Cooling Comfort

CON.STRUCT performance dress shirts are made in four-way stretch, wrinkle-resistant fabric enhanced with cooling comfort technology to adapt and cool your body on the busiest of days.

Treated with SILVADUR™ technology, our dress shirts are protected from odor-causing bacteria so clothes stay fresher longer – even between launderings. SILVADUR™ is certified by bluesign®, OEKO-TEX® and ZDHC for sustainable manufacturing and skin safety.


Bold Prints

CON.STRUCT designs iconic remakes and statement pieces that become perennial favorites. Featuring allover prints, contrast pops and thoughtful details – these designs are made to dress you for your greatest memories in life.


Society of Threads is a celebration of print, pattern and color.  Our bold prints and modern performance fabrication ensure an energetic and fun experience at any occasion!

We believe in luxury for everyone. No dinner party fit should break the bank. We pride ourselves on offering affordable, quality and unique pieces that set you apart from the crowd.



Statement Prints

Society of Threads is known for its bold prints providing versatility from destination to occasion. Finished with enhanced properties – including quick dry wicking, wrinkle resistant and anti-microbial features – to ensure greater comfort.

We partnered with Intellifresh™, a freshness & odor protection fabric treatment against odor-causing bacteria. Certified by bluesign®, OEKO-TEX® & ZDHC for sustainable manufacturing and skin safety.


Performance Dress Shirts

Society of Threads dress shirts are enhanced with performance features to keep the party going. Made in a 4-way stretch fabric with wrinkle-free, quick-dry wicking, and anti-microbial properties.


Calabrum was crafted to provide high-quality basics at an affordable price. Offering an array of high-quality dress shirt basics, Calabrum continues to outfit the modern workwear look blending casually from day to night.



Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts

Calabrum dress shirts were designed for enhance wearability. Offered in a wrinkle resistant fabric with moisture wicking properties to provide greater comfort for today’s modern customer.


Disposable Face Masks

Calabrum disposable face masks come in printed or solid 12-pack and feature 4-ply filtration, breathability and a nose wire for better fit.

Michelsons of London

Established in 1937, the Michelsons name is renowned for its dominance in the tie industry as well as setting standards in the formalwear business. Continuing the Michelsons of London legacy, bold fabric designs are featured throughout the dress shirt, formalwear and accessory collections. Geared towards the man who wants and deserves to be seen, each garment is designed with character and distinction.



Tuxedo shirt

Recognized for its distinguished collection, Michelsons of London offers a collection of white tuxedo shirts in both classic and slim fits. Made in a stretch fabric for added comfort, it offers an array of distinct collar, chest and cuff designs. From the spread to wing collar and textured to pleated front, all tuxedo shirts are completed with the silk-knotted French cuffs emulating elegance for any occasion.


Formalwear accessories

Specializing in neckwear, Michelsons of London designs the perfect finishing touch to an elegant evening. From classic solids to Baroque prints, our collection offers both self and pre-tied bow ties as well as matching cummerbund sets to add sophistication to a formal look.

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