W.R.K – Work, Rest, Karma – was founded by CFDA member, Matteo Gottardi, in 2011. Function and mobility are at the core of W.R.K’s operation with its philosophy of purposeful design – bridging functionality with aesthetics where neither aspect is compromised but rather, both work together. Each collection is designed to be multi-purpose, comfortable, and compatible for men to thrive in work and life.



Performance dress shirts

Introducing the new 4-way stretch, performance dress shirt by W.R.K. Designed for comfort, this slim fit dress shirt is made from a lightweight activewear fabric featuring moisture wicking, anti-microbial and non-iron properties.


Reworked shirts

The Reworked Shirt is the new way to wear a slim fit shirt. It is modernly designed to perfectly match the woven front to the knit sleeve and back body construction. Resulting in an optimal fit and the comfort of your favorite t-shirt in the form of a long sleeve shirt.

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