Brooklyn Brigade Listed in Esquire’s Best White Dress Shirts

April 27 2022

The white dress shirt is a staple wardrobe piece and Brooklyn Brigade’s white dress shirt has always been a customer favorite.

With its enhanced performance features at a wallet friendly price, the Brooklyn Brigade white dress shirt with cooling technology is being hailed as one of the best in Esquire’s recent article.

Brooklyn Brigade’s cool tech dress shirts come in a variety of solid colors and print styles. The dress shirt is a 4-way stretch shirt with cooling comfort technology and moisture-wicking properties. The shirt is enhanced with Intellifresh™, an antimicrobial fabric freshness treatment which outsmarts odors before they start. This ensures more wears between launderings to save energy, time and water.

Brooklyn Brigade’s White Cool Tech Dress Shirt

Our Shirts’ Connection to Coral Reefs

Brooklyn Brigade has partnered with Coral Reef Alliance in support of their mission to save our world’s coral reefs, which house 25% of marine life. Currently, coral reefs are under threat due to human exploitation, rising sea temperatures and extreme weather. While our flat donation of $10,000 to Coral Reef Alliance contributes to the expansion of global education & rehabilitation initiatives, our dress shirt collection being treated with Intellifresh™ means reduced water consumption for fresher clothes and cleaner waters in our oceans!

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