Brooklyn Brigade x Coral Reef Alliance Partnership

June 18 2020

AW CHANG CORPORATION is a vertical company for men’s apparel & accessories. After 30 years in the menswear business, CEO, Bill Chang, wanted to create a brand that brings a sense of connection with what we wear and what is happening around us. It was out of this idea that Brooklyn Brigade was born. Our Brooklyn Brigade brand sparks conversation with story-telling prints to create awareness through fashion with a vision “to redefine and promote social activism by using fashion” as a tool for change.

For summer 2020, the brand has established a mission to generate awareness towards the world’s many reefs. As coral reefs are home to over 25% of all marine fish, we wanted to create our “Coral Reefs” collection to encapsulate the extraordinary ecosystem that protects our shores. We believe it is our time to protect these amazing underwater habitats.

The Coral Reef Alliance has been delivering high-quality conservation programs that have made a difference in the world for 25 years. Their work has even pioneered a new area of science related to helping coral reefs adapt at regional scales. The fate of coral reefs might be decided in the next 25 years, but if the global coral reef conservation community can establish 45 adaptive reefscapes around the world by the year 2045, CORAL estimates it can save enough corals that they can continue to build reefs and provide benefits to people and wildlife throughout nearly all the world’s coral reefs.

Brooklyn Brigade is proud to support the Coral Reef Alliance with a minimum donation of $10,000.

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