Our creative team, based in New York, works closely with our clients to conceptualize and execute high-quality products. With great attention to detail and careful insight, we are able to generate vibrant color palettes and impeccable patterns across various fabrications and product categories.



Our merchandising team works directly with our customers to bring concepts to life. As the liaison between our clients, design team and factories, they spearhead communication through the fabric development and garment sampling processes. Beyond visual design, our team also oversees vendor compliance, inventory planning and production costs – all vital components in guaranteeing successful delivery to our customers.



With over 30 years of expertise, our trained knowledge in color to fabric execution makes us a unique supplier in the industry. Our designers utilize our extensive archive collection and trend anticipation to create designs that meet our customers’ targets. Overseeing the strike-off and bulk fabric development, they are responsible for the eye-catching components of our designs.



Our designers mold together the creative presentation. Responsible for the garment silhouettes and construction, designs are managed down to the thread color, button size, and areas of print. Combining all facets of the design process, our team produces accurate CAD visuals that bring the collection to life and make it easier for client approval.


Fabric conception and development have been the foundation of our company. First entering the industry as a silk producer for neckwear, we have since expanded our facilities and increased our fabric portfolio. Investing digital print technology and working with top laboratories, we have developed a complex stock of fabrics ranging from mercerized cotton to lightweight performance fabrics. With the future of fabrication, our commitment to textile development continues to evolve.



Our fabric development process is employed at three major divisions:

  • Dyeing – cylindrical vats are utilized to execute the cheese-dyeing method allowing for maximum color penetration on custom yarns and blends.
  • Printing – flat and slanted printing tables are employed for both screen, hand and digital printing techniques.
  • Weaving – beginning from the pre-weaving functions of yarn twisting, spinning, and de-gumming, there is greater control and efficiency during looming stage.


To expedite our production model, we stock our top 10 core fabrics that represent 80-90 percent of our production. These stock fabrics are pulled and completed with various dyeing and fabric finishing services. This process gives us the ability to enhance quality, reduce production time, and maintain seamless communication with our factories.



Our greatest strength is our high-quality printing capabilities. To ensure best results, our printing techniques include digital and hand printing depending on the complexity of the pattern. We have been able to execute vibrant, photo-realistic prints across fabrics and perfectly match multiple fabrics on one garment.


Our vertical structure ensures the greatest results in efficiency and quality from fabric development to garment production. We have proudly garnered a portfolio of notable partners by demonstrating a high-level of compliance and execution.



Our dedicated sourcing and export teams ensure products are shipped cost efficiently and arrive floor-ready to our retail partners. Each factory is equipped with a packaging department to meet vendor specific requirements.



Setup for efficiency, our main garment production facility is driving distance from our mill. With our factories located in port cities, we are able to optimize shipping efficiencies between air, sea, or combined ship modes.



Over the last decades, our production has tremendously grown for both private label and branded garments. With the increase in demand, this led to strategic expansion of opening two additional factories in Vietnam.


All distributed products, within the United States, are shipped and handled by our warehouse in Long Beach, California. Utilizing the ports quickly and efficiently, we work directly with our customer’s buying and planning departments to achieve long-term volume and profit goals. Inventory management functions are linked from point of manufacture to point of distribution with detail tracking throughout the process.



With a full-service in-house Electronic Data Information system, it allows us to connect and work in direct partnership with our customers’ buying and planning departments to achieve long-term volume and profit goals.



Our Enterprise Resource Planning system has been tailored over the years to maximize production and efficiency. With our technology and experienced warehouse team, we are able to process high volume shipments daily whether it is wholesale, dropship, or e-commerce driven.



Our customers range from the top retailers to local boutiques throughout the United States and Canada. Our post distribution and pre-delivery quality control inspections ensure consistent quality with each delivery and we continue to make enhancements to evolve as the industry and technology changes.


Our sales and marketing teams are constantly at the marketplace seeking opportunities that fulfill the retail community. With our vertical nature, we are able to react to trends, push products faster to market and have the ability to test and reorder. Operating across multiple distribution channels, our goal is to create a presentation that maximizes brand synergy, accomplish innovation and newness, and ultimately, optimize sales for a high sell-thru performance.



Our sales and marketing teams take a strategic approach to grow and improve the experience of both B2B and B2C practices. Product knowledge and clear brand communication are key elements for consumer engagement. From hangtag callouts to training seminars, our team works closely to ensure that store associates and customers have the guidance and talking points to be well-informed.



Boots-on-the-ground is a grass-roots initiative to service our retail partners at store level. This ensures that goods are always in stock and high-quality store displays are maintained at all times. Building direct relationships with stores, we are able to customize the product and branding opportunities to maximize sell through and stock turn, while minimizing returns.



Working closely with our retail partners, our team designs a digital experience that drives higher conversions. Understanding navigation and cross-purchase behaviors, our product pages are curated to maximize selling opportunities. From styled imagery to keyword search copy, the shopping experience is made easier for our target consumer.

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