Our creative team, based in New York, works closely with our clients to conceptualize and execute high-quality products. With great attention to detail and careful insight, we are able to generate vibrant color palettes and impeccable patterns across various fabrications and product categories.



Our merchandising team works directly with our customers to bring concepts to life. As the liaison between our clients, design team and factories, they spearhead communication through the fabric development and garment sampling processes. Beyond visual design, our team also oversees vendor compliance, inventory planning and production costs – all vital components in guaranteeing successful delivery to our customers.



With over 30 years of expertise, our trained knowledge in color to fabric execution makes us a unique supplier in the industry. Our designers utilize our extensive archive collection and trend anticipation to create designs that meet our customers’ targets. Overseeing the strike-off and bulk fabric development, they are responsible for the eye-catching components of our designs.



Our designers mold together the creative presentation. Responsible for the garment silhouettes and construction, designs are managed down to the thread color, button size, and areas of print. Combining all facets of the design process, our team produces accurate CAD visuals that bring the collection to life and make it easier for client approval.

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