Fabric conception and development have been the foundation of our company. First entering the industry as a silk producer for neckwear, we have since expanded our facilities and increased our fabric portfolio. Investing digital print technology and working with top laboratories, we have developed a complex stock of fabrics ranging from mercerized cotton to lightweight performance fabrics. With the future of fabrication, our commitment to textile development continues to evolve.



Our fabric development process is employed at three major divisions:

  • Dyeing – cylindrical vats are utilized to execute the cheese-dyeing method allowing for maximum color penetration on custom yarns and blends.
  • Printing – flat and slanted printing tables are employed for both screen, hand and digital printing techniques.
  • Weaving – beginning from the pre-weaving functions of yarn twisting, spinning, and de-gumming, there is greater control and efficiency during looming stage.


To expedite our production model, we stock our top 10 core fabrics that represent 80-90 percent of our production. These stock fabrics are pulled and completed with various dyeing and fabric finishing services. This process gives us the ability to enhance quality, reduce production time, and maintain seamless communication with our factories.



Our greatest strength is our high-quality printing capabilities. To ensure best results, our printing techniques include digital and hand printing depending on the complexity of the pattern. We have been able to execute vibrant, photo-realistic prints across fabrics and perfectly match multiple fabrics on one garment.

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