Our sales and marketing teams are constantly at the marketplace seeking opportunities that fulfill the retail community. With our vertical nature, we are able to react to trends, push products faster to market and have the ability to test and reorder. Operating across multiple distribution channels, our goal is to create a presentation that maximizes brand synergy, accomplish innovation and newness, and ultimately, optimize sales for a high sell-thru performance.



Our sales and marketing teams take a strategic approach to grow and improve the experience of both B2B and B2C practices. Product knowledge and clear brand communication are key elements for consumer engagement. From hangtag callouts to training seminars, our team works closely to ensure that store associates and customers have the guidance and talking points to be well-informed.



Boots-on-the-ground is a grass-roots initiative to service our retail partners at store level. This ensures that goods are always in stock and high-quality store displays are maintained at all times. Building direct relationships with stores, we are able to customize the product and branding opportunities to maximize sell through and stock turn, while minimizing returns.



Working closely with our retail partners, our team designs a digital experience that drives higher conversions. Understanding navigation and cross-purchase behaviors, our product pages are curated to maximize selling opportunities. From styled imagery to keyword search copy, the shopping experience is made easier for our target consumer.

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