Soles4Souls x Society of Threads Partnership

July 06 2020

For summer 2020, Society of Threads has partnered with both Macy’s & Soles4Souls to donate 20,000 masks as part of the charity’s COVID-19 relief strategy. Through this strategy, Soles4Souls is working to provide basic needs to everyone, including front-line workers, families affected by economic downturn, homeless and low-income people across the country, as well as micro-entrepreneurs around the world working to put food on the table for their families.

Society of Threads was crafted to provide high-quality basics stitched into our everyday lives. Society of Threads connects every personality and occasion – from the modern dress shirt that complements an active workday, to a pair of printed shorts for a relaxed day. The variety in color and prints truly welcomes anyone in search of all-day comfort and style from head to toe.

Society of Threads’ line of masks has already been featured in several articles across Buzzfeed, People and Men’s Health

“Great mask, worth the price for three of them!”

Shop the Society of Threads x Sole4Souls mask collection on Macy’s at: Macy’

Read more about Soles4Souls COVID-19 Relief Strategy at:

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