Check out the Menswear Influencers Who Love Tallia

April 08 2019

Tallia launched its first sportswear collection from head-to-toe. Partnering with top menswear influencers, the Spring/Summer collection was a success. From our popular performance camp shirts to the bold printed track suits, the influencers demonstrate their favorite way to style the elaborate pieces. Below are featured posts of the guys showing love in their new Tallia products.

Brian Morr wearing Tallia
Brian Morr @sinkthesun
Adam Gonon wearing Tallia
Adam Gonon @adamgonon
Leo Chan wearing Tallia
Leo Chan @levitatestyle
Moti Ankari wearing Tallia
Moti Ankari @motiankari
Joey Zauzig wearing Tallia
Joey Zauzig @joeyzauzig
Marcel Floruss wearing Tallia
Marcel Floruss @marcelfloruss
Christian Bendek wearing Tallia
Christian Bendek @christianbendek
Cristian Pena wearing Tallia
Cristian Pena @cpwears
Sabir Peele wearing Tallia
Sabir Peele @mensstylepro

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