MR Magazine: The AW Chang Winning Formula

July 26 2019

AW Chang founder, Bill Chang, was interviewed by MR magazine.

“We began in 1989 as a mill that sold printed and woven fabrics to neckwear manufacturers. 15 years later, as people started dressing down and neckwear became less important, the company had to reinvent itself as a dress furnishings, formalwear accessories and sportswear company. Today, the company designs, manufactures, and markets six successful national brands in addition to various private label programs.”

He discusses his successful formula for manufacturing which includes stocking up on the company’s 10 core fabrics that represents 80-90% of its production.

 “For sportswear manufacturing, the weaving time is usually around 60 days, printing takes 45 days, and sewing the garment takes 30 days. By having the most popular greige fabrics already on the shelf, we save 60 days of fabric weaving time, reducing the total production time from 135 days to 75 days.”

The importance of digital technology is engraved into the DNA of AW Chang. It now offers complete full-package services, from product design to store merchandising, for their retail partners including their websites.

“We’re investing a lot to help our retailers with their e-commerce. They can work with our product development team on designs and we can also curate their websites by providing photos, assisting in product copy and constantly monitoring the site content. We’ve transformed the entire company from A to Z and we’re incredibly excited about what the next few years will bring.”

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